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Birth Doula certification pathway

Doula From Within™ Heart-based Skills for Supporting Expectant Families


This program is for those who...

  • See personal growth as key to working with expectant families in a profound way.
  • Want to support parents in the transformational experience of birth.
  • Dream of fostering a less judgemental, less outcome-focused mindset for your clients, one that is open to all possibilities.
  • Long to return to our collective roots, to the lineage of those who followed the ancient ways of being with people during birth.

become a Doula From Within birth doula

For more than 20 years, Birthing From Within has been training birth professionals to prepare parents for birth in a way that awakens their inner knowing, is unattached to specific outcomes, and helps to prevent birth trauma. Our Doula From Within™ program is an interactive nine-module online course that expands on traditional doula trainings by examining the intersection between the modern medical model of birth and the ancient maps, and by exploring your personal relationship to birth.

Not only will your clients be transformed, but you will also be transformed…and your work will contribute to transforming the narrative of birth in the modern world.

Begin with Crossing the Threshold

...your introduction to Birthing from Within.

Whether you are an experienced birth professional or just getting started, your first step into Birthing From Within is to attend Crossing the Threshold. This two and a half day workshop is an opportunity to focus on your personal growth and transformation as you experience the beauty of Birthing From Within's most heart-opening processes for yourself, and emerge initiated and ready to engage with parents, and yourself, in a whole new way. 

path to doula certification

The path of Birthing From Within's Doula From Within™ training will lead you to certification as a Birthing From Within birth doula. The Doula From Within training is offered as an in-person or online course. The online option is an interactive course consisting of nine online modules that focus on supporting birth as a heroic journey, using evidence-based information blended with storytelling, birth art, visualizations, ritual, and ceremony. Each module includes a live group call, readings, audio and video tutorials, and journaling. It is a program like no other, and truly prepares you to serve parents from the inside out.

The in-person option typically follows a Crossing the Threshold course, or retreat-style trainings include Crossing the Threshold. The cost of the Doula From Within online program is $697; in-person trainings may cost a bit more and may have additional lodging costs. Register for Doula From Within in conjunction with Crossing the Threshold and save $200! See our Upcoming Trainings page for package discounts.

Our certification process requires attending a minimum number of births after completing the online modules. You will receive continuing education and support during facilitated calls with your peers, where you will discuss case studies, develop your skills, and build confidence in your new role. There is a $150 certification fee.

certified birth doula training

in our doula training
you will learn:

  • How to help parents navigate the modern medical map of today’s childbirth experience
  • Exquisite communication and mentoring skills that are solution-focused and motivate for change
  • How to design customized prenatal visits
  • Hands-on support skills and pain-coping practices that build confidence
  • How to support birth partners so they may be present and offer effective, loving support
  • The doula's role in helping to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma in parents

upcoming workshops

To join our doula certification program, start by Crossing the Threshold... 

* In 2019, join our Doula From Within™ online certification program in January or June.

* In-person trainings are scheduled for  March 2019 and September 2019.


"I am so glad and grateful that I am a part of such a soulful, spirited program. Birthing From Within encourages EVERYONE to get back to the roots of their spirit journey, not just of pregnancy and labor, but all aspects of one's journey through their lifetime."


“The most powerful part of the doula and mentor certification process for me has been the impact the work has had on my own life. In order to do this work for others, I had to first do the work for myself. The work of Birthing From Within has been transformative for me personally and professionally. Every relationship in my life is better for the work I have done here and the level of care I am able to offer my clients increased exponentially. Look no further, this is the organization that has the potential to develop you into a highly sought after childbirth educator, doula, or birth story listener.”


“BFW has not only taught me practical and effective skills to use with the parents I work with, they are also life skills for me to cope with every day life and a busy doula practice. Mindfulness practice and the Next Best Thing philosophy have become part of my way of seeing the world and ways I have learned to respond and cope. When I started this journey, I thought I was going to become a better birth worker. Little did I know I was also starting a life long practice of becoming a more fully integrated human too!”


The Doula From Within™ training is designed for aspiring and experienced birth professionals who want to skillfully guide expectant parents on their journey to birth in a way that goes beyond evidence-based information and dives into the inner knowing and wisdom of the ages. Birth professionals who attend our workshops and trainings include, but are not limited to, doulas, midwives, nurses, women’s studies students, reproductive justice activists, community health workers, therapists, massage therapists, midwifery/nursing professors, yoga teachers, and new parent support group leaders.

"To give birth in awareness does not necessarily mean without drugs; it means to be open to each moment and do whatever needs to be done, wholeheartedly."

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