The words, "Birthing From Within®" and our marks (logos) are registered trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These registered trademarks include the Labyrinth logo (as shown).

Our trademarked name and logos are used exclusively for marketing and promoting Birthing From Within childbirth classes and professional trainings provided by Birthing From Within's Facilitators, Certified Mentors/Doulas, and Mentors/Doulas who are current and active in our Certification Program.

Our trademarks distinguish Birthing From Within classes and workshops from those offered by all other childbirth classes, teachers, and organizations. Trademark rights prevent others from using our mark and logo or a confusingly similar mark or name. Trademark rights are freely granted to our Birthing From Within Mentors and Doulas who active and in good standing with Birthing From Within International LLC.

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It is important to us, to our valued Mentors, as well as to the parents who take our classes, that we protect our trademarks by ensuring that only our trained and approved Mentors use the name “Birthing From Within."

Anyone who is NOT listed and is representing themselves or their classes as “Birthing From Within” is infringing on our trademarks.

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These phrases and upcoming projects are also trademarked by Birthing From Within International LLC:
Birth as a Heroic Journey™
Birth as a Warrior's Journey™
Breastfeeding From Within™
Ancient Map for Modern Birth™
Ancient Maps for Modern Birth Education™
Doula From Within™

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