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Are you overwhelmed with the constant changes in the birth world right now?
Do you feel powerless seeing parents birth without the support they need?
Do you long to help parents prepare for the unknown in birth, but don't know how?

Parents are seeking guidance in this uncertain time. Birthing From Within equips birth professionals with strategies to cultivate resourcefulness and resilience both in themselves and the parents they work with.

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Online childbirth educator & doula certification

In-person training and certification for birth doulas

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Like you, we're concerned about the realities of giving birth in the modern healthcare system. For over 20 years, Birthing From Within has been preparing parents and birth professionals on a soul level for the transformational experience of birth. We understand that preparing for birth involves more than information and data. Our childbirth educators and doulas address the deeper needs of expecting families by guiding them to unlock their inner knowing.

Birthing From Within is committed to listening to and elevating the voices of black, indigenous, people of color, disabled, and LGBTQ+  birth professionals as a means to help end systemic oppression in maternity care.

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In Birthing From Within you will:


skills to help parents be less vulnerable to trauma in birth.


in reflection, and personal growth in your life and practice.


a worldwide community of supportive birth professionals.


as a catalyst for the change that is needed in birth and postpartum.

Birth professionals sense that something is broken in the birth system. They want to be a part of the solution, but aren’t sure how to affect change.

Despite childbirth educators’ and doulas’ best efforts, many parents emerge from the birth experience feeling lost, like they didn’t have the resources they needed.

Many conventional birth preparation and support methods rely on information-gathering as the sole means of preparing people for birth. When that doesn’t work, parents and professionals alike often feel inadequate, frustrated, and traumatized.

At Birthing From Within, we feel the pain and injustice of this imbalanced system, which is why we’ve forged a different path. For over 20 years, Birthing From Within childbirth educators and doulas have been preparing parents for birth in a way that does not rely solely on information, instead awakening their inner knowing, connecting them with their partners, and helping them uncouple their self-worth from medical outcomes.

We guide birth professionals to feel inspired, confident, and equipped with tools that prepare parents for intensity, uncertainty, and the journey into the unknown. In these accessible, innovative, and personally relevant programs, you’ll gain specific skills that will help you lead parents through activities and processes that will holistically inform and prepare them for the often winding path of birth.

Now is the time for you to dive in and become the inspired, confident, open-hearted, and well-resourced birth professional that you are meant to be.