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The books insights on childbirth preparation

The Birthing From Within programs all have their roots in the original book written by Pam England in 1998. Pam's philosophy and approach to childbirth preparation and support has evolved over the years, and she continues to write new books that document her dynamic and ever-expanding perspective.

Ancient Map for Modern Birth (2018)

The integrative model of childbirth described in this book will provide expectant parents with the information needed to prepare for birth, how to think and feel about labor, and how to tell their story.

During their childbearing years, birthing people traverse two paths at once: an inner path of psychological and spiritual awareness and an outer path of practical approaches to birth in modern culture. The book combines scientific research with meditation, ceremony, art, and mythic stories, which not only prepare childbearing people to go beyond their edge into uncharted territory but also to find their way home again.

The underlying message throughout is not to strive for a perfect birth but to be mindful of the mythic journey and of all the parents who have come before—an awareness that leads not only to the birth of a child but to the birth of a new self.

"A soulful, authoritative, and exquisitely written guide for the heroine’s journey we call childbirth. I highly recommend this beautiful gift of insight and knowledge.”

- Christiane Northrup, author, Goddesses Never Age

"Offers warmth and wisdom, as well as deep compassion, and invites us into the awe-inspiring emotional and spiritual terrain that lies at the heart of childbearing."

- Sarah Buckley, author, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

"The layering of the book into four parts—the Call, the Tasks of Preparation, the Gates of Laborland, and the Warrior’s Return— provides a solid organization, and even a sense of heroic journey. The many exercises make the presentation quite experiential and very useful for both practitioners and pregnant families.”

- Lewis Mehl-Madrona, author, Coyote Medicine

"Pam England has crafted a mystical yet practical look at pregnancy, birth, and mothering . . . Its soothing guidance, enchanting stories, and creative exercises pave the ideal first steps along the parenting journey."

- Amity Hook-Sopko, Executive Editor, Green Child Magazine

Birthing From Within (1998)

Here is a holistic approach to childbirth that examines this profound rite-of-passage not as a medical event but as an act of self-discovery. Exercises and activities such as journal writing, meditation, and painting will help parents analyze their thoughts and face their fears during pregnancy. For use during birth, the book offers proven techniques for coping with labor pain without drugs, a discussion of the doctor or midwife’s role, and a look at the partners' responsibilities. Childbirth education should also include what to expect after the baby is born - baby basics, such as how to bathe a newborn, how to get the little one to sleep, and tips for getting nursing off to a good start.

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is a process of continuous learning and adjustment; Birthing From Within provides the necessary support and education to make each phase of birthing a rewarding experience.

“Pam England offers numerous original, creative, and enjoyable ways for birthing women and their partners to become more aware of their strengths and needs for birth and afterwards. Her wisdom, experience, and love for child-birthing women permeate this book.”

- Penny Simkin, PT, author The Birth Partner and Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

"Birthing From Within is an unusually thoughtful and caring book.”

- Marshall Klaus MD and Phyllis Klaus, MFCC, authors of Bonding, Mothering the Mother, and The Amazing Newborn

"Birthing From Within should be read by every pregnant woman in the U.S….This book will help women tap their resources so that their birthing will be life enhancing and empowering.”

- Marsden Wagner, MD former director of Women’s and Children’s Health for the World Health Organization.

"This book is a brilliant jewel! Every time I open Birthing From Within, I get a new and exciting idea on how to approach my clients’ needs and how to help them discover the strength they have in themselves…"

- Connie Banack, author The International Doula

"A fantastic collection of stories, experiences, birth art, practical information, drawings and inspiration…. Highly recommended for parents as well as birth professionals!"

- Meredith Klein, Midwifery today

Labyrinth of Birth (2010)

The timeless and powerful symbol of the labyrinth forms the core of this collection of 12 simple meditations and ceremonies designed to transform the experience of childbirth.

Studies show that walking or finger-tracing a labyrinth slows down and balances brain waves, calms the body and mind, and helps access intuitive knowing. It’s not surprising, then that the inner journey through the childbearing year is enhanced with the use of labyrinths as tools for meditation and centering. During pregnancy, labyrinths help focus on emotional and spiritual preparation for birth and parenting. In labor, they can help to calm the mind, steady the breath, and ease pain. Postpartum, the birth story labyrinth helps parents process and integrate their experience in labor.

This handbook presents a variety of labyrinths, including four childbirth-related labyrinths from the Hopi and Papago cultures in the American Southwest and two others from India. Instructions for drawing a classic labyrinth, ideas for personalizing the design, and labyrinth "seeds"—start-up patterns for six variations of labyrinths—are also included.

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