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For over 20 years, parents all over the world have prepared deeply and holistically for birth by attending a Birthing From Within class or hiring a Birthing From Within trained doula.

Birthing From Within offers a modern interpretation of childbirth education and support, one that guides parents to tap into their ancient inner knowing in conjunction with exploring evidence-based modern knowing. This preparation may take place in a group-class format, one-on-one mentoring, or in the doula-client relationship. In all contexts, parents can expect meaningful guidance, compassionate education, and inclusive, open-minded support.

We offer many resources for parents, and encourage you to find a Birthing From Within childbirth educator and doula near you!

Testimonials from Parents

"The classes felt nurturing to me and holistic. I feel much more prepared now to cope with unexpected events that may occur. It was nice to spend time with my husband  focusing together on our baby and us becoming parents and how we can support each other. Very helpful classes and prompted lots of discussions which are important to have before birth and parenting begin, and get clear on some of our feelings and expectations. I think it’s awesome how you tailor the classes to what WE most want or need to know."


"I had no idea what to expect with a birthing class being a first time mom! I imagine birth can be a pretty emotional experience and taking a Birthing From Within class really helped sort out questions that I had, but also some personal fears and feelings I never even knew were there! If you’re looking for a cookie cutter kind of class that treats every birthing experience as the same this is NOT the class for you. I strongly feel that when people spoke the teacher truly listened, and offered comfort and solutions to whatever your birth/parenting fears might be. I love that the class offered this sort of “safe haven” to be open about your feelings in regards to birth. In discussion there were no right or wrong answers, and no promises that things will go a certain way or in a certain order."


"As a nurse-midwife, I recommend Birthing From Within classes to all my clients who feel committed to getting an empowering experience from their birth. The Birthing From Within philosophy and techniques help birthing people stay strong in the extreme challenge that is childbirth, and they also help them adapt to circumstances they didn’t plan on or desire.  These couples are more likely to feel satisfied with their births, regardless of whether they went according to plan."


"My Mentor spoke from a place in her heart that resonated experience, understanding, power, and warmth. Thanks to her, I broke through barriers that would have inhibited me in childbirth. I learned a lot about myself, my partner and birth, and felt my confidence grow with every passing week."


"I just wanted to tell you how much I got out of my Birthing From Within class. It really helped me to stay in the moment and enjoy my birth experience even though it was not the home birth we planned. I swore I would never set foot in the hospital to give birth—that was my worst fear! But after 33 hours of labor, we went to the hospital and had the whole cascade of medical
interventions we swore would never touch our baby. But I was able to still feel like it was my experience. Our class helped me to be present despite the medical interventions, and not feel guilty about it later."


"I found the book fascinating, but it wasn't until I took a Birthing From Within class while pregnant with my third child that I realized what an amazing approach this is, especially since I am not artistic and was a little apprehensive about the art. But the incredible insights I had!! And also seeing my husband's positive reactions and insights! I learned so much about his ideas and feelings about our upcoming birth. This class was eye-opening and transformational for both of us."


"The classes have opened our eyes, minds, and hearts to a lot of amazing truths about the birth journey…my wife has felt deeply empowered and informed. We've talked about and become more aware of our feelings, our relationship, and the shape of our journey."



The Place of No Story: “My Birth” by Carmen Winant

By Koyuki Smith | August 11, 2018

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BFW Dictionary: Mentor

By Koyuki Smith | May 18, 2018

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Email There are so many words that are special to Birthing From Within, words that we use in very specific ways that are important and meaningful — but not always entirely self-explanatory. The purpose of the BFW Dictionary posts is to shine a clarifying light on the language used by BFW…

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On Being Human in Birth

By Kathie Neff | May 18, 2018

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Email If there were an award for outstanding work in helping humans to be human, Birthing From Within would win hands down. So many childbirth classes work in black-and-white terms: proven ways to shorten your labor, or to birth with no pain, or even to enjoy orgasm as your baby emerges…

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Meet the Mentor: Erika Primozich

By the Birthing from Within Team | May 18, 2018

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Email In our ongoing Meet the Mentor series, you’ll get a chance to meet some of our amazing Birthing From Within Certified Childbirth Educators and Doulas. You’ll learn a little bit about their Birthing From Within work – and, just for fun, get a glimpse into their personal lives and opinions!…

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Spreading a Dream Tapestry Under Your Feet: The Soul Thread in Childbirth Education

By Pam England | August 14, 2018

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Pam England’s Story

By Pam England | April 8, 2018

Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Email Birthing From Within® was conceived and developed by Pam England, MA, CNM, homebirth midwife and mother, who, inspired by her own birth experiences, developed this innovative, holistic approach to childbirth and postpartum preparation. When Pam became pregnant for the first time in 1982, she believed that her plan to birth…

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