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Our Vision

As the world remembers that birth is a heroic journey,

the ancient maps for modern birth are thus unearthed.

we believe

as Birthing From Within educators and doulas

  • Birth trauma can be prevented and healed.
  • Childbirth preparation requires more than data downloads and mastering techniques. Doula care involves more than hands-on support and cheerleading.
  • Ritual, ceremony, and art processes are key components to unearthing the ancient, inner knowing within us, and it is this knowing that makes us capable of completing the heroic journey that makes up the childbearing year.
  • Parents need a village surrounding them as they embark on their journey.
  • Birth is a rite of passage regardless of how it unfolds.
  • Being solution-focused is more effective in preventing trauma than being outcome-focused.

our promise

to families and birth professionals

  • We promise that our programs will inspire personal transformation and create a new lens through which to see yourself and others.
  • We promise to continually imagine new boundaries, processes, and solutions in our programs.
  • We promise to actively welcome and embrace all people to our community.
  • We promise a deeper understanding of the physiology of birth.
  • We promise to reveal the wisdom of the ancient maps for the childbearing years.
  • We promise to bridge modern science with ancient knowledge without a focus on one over the other.
Ready to get started? Join our next Crossing the Threshold Workshop February 1-3rd, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV!

Birthing From Within differs from other certifying organizations in that our work is centered on helping professionals and parents turn inward to better understand their own motivations and fears, and to simultaneously discover their own inner resources and guiding forces.

Birthing From Within-trained childbirth educators and doulas bring a depth of inquiry to parents in a variety of ways, including art,  mindfulness, visualizations, storytelling, ritual, and ceremony. In all situations, our members are mentors, guiding parents through the unknown so that they can fully experience the transformation that birthing a baby brings. Birthing From Within mentors also bring current research into their work, building the bridges between ancient and modern knowing, myth and science, grit and grace.

Birthing From Within believes that preparing for birth in a lopsided manner - leaning only on information, techniques, or spiritual practices - leaves parents unprepared for the depth and magnitude of the childbearing experience. Birthing From Within's approach to childbirth preparation, doula support, and postpartum healing involves heart and soul preparation in addition to mind and body preparation. This, along with our commitment to true mentorship for professionals and parents, is what makes Birthing From Within truly different.

our commitment to inclusivity

Birthing From Within recognizes that historical systems of oppression have resulted in many people being marginalized from access to optimal maternity care and support, resulting in tremendous disparities in healthcare outcomes. Birthing From Within believes that part of the medicine for changing those systems of oppression is investing in those who are best positioned - often  because they are themselves members of these communities- to provide the culturally relevant information and emotional care to those whose lives are unfairly jeopardized due to past and present inequities.

Birthing From Within offers scholarships for birth professionals from traditionally underserved communities, including those who are black, indigenous, people of color, differently-abled, and LGBTQ+. To find out more about our scholarships or to recommend a candidate, please use the button below.