Meet the Mentor: Nikki Shaheed

nikki shaheed

In our ongoing Meet the Mentor series, you’ll get a chance to meet some of our amazing Birthing From Within Childbirth Educators and Doulas. You’ll learn a little bit about their Birthing From Within work – and, just for fun, get a glimpse into their personal lives and opinions! We are happy to be starting with our three new Co-Owners, so you can get to know them just a little better. Today, let’s meet…

Nikki Shaheed

Nikki is from New York, but has lived in San Antonio, Texas for the past 12 years. She entered the birth field as a doula 6 years ago; since then, she has built a thriving childbirth education, birth story listening, and belly casting company, Birthing From Within San Antonio. Nikki’s specialty within BFW is the Birth Story Listening training program. She has an intuitive understanding of the difficult twists and turns that birth stories can take in the minds of individual parents, and of how to light the way towards change and healing with just a few words or a well-considered question. Her wisdom, patience, and down-to-earth sense of humor make her a truly inspiring mentor to both parents and professionals.

What’s your professional background, and how does it relate to your work now?

I have a BA in Spanish and am certified to teach English as a Second Language in New York state. That training really helped me understand how to break things down for people as they’re learning. It also helps me in my work as a facilitator, which requires me to teach people complex concepts and nuanced ways of thinking.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I’m a drummer. I grew up playing percussion in the school band and learning the drum set form my dad. Now I play hand drums. Also, I was a competitive figure skater when I was young. Oh, and here’s something mildly interesting: I used to have a sewing business. I don’t sew a lot anymore, but I do alter almost every piece of clothing I buy to make it the just-right fit and style for me.

What’s your favorite vacation spot? 

I love to travel to the Pacific Northwest. Big trees, mountains, water, cool temperatures…all the things that are sparse in San Antonio.

What’s your favorite thing about the place where you live?

The place where I live in San Antonio with my husband and three kids used to be out in the country, but the city grew and grew around it until it became very near the heart of the city. Our area has big yards and sprawling oak trees, but is also close to restaurants, stores, parks, and downtown. I love our neighborhood!

How did you first start in BFW? 

I took BFW when I was pregnant with my second. I thought it would be a neat hobby, something I could do just for me, to get a break from the kids and interact with adults. I had no idea the rabbit hole I was going down when I made plans to take that first intro in Vancouver, BC!

What’s special about your birth classes and services? 

My classes are fun! We have a lot of laughs, and a few tears, which helps our groups become cohesive. It’s a great mixture of practical skills and self-awareness so that parents are prepared for birth – any kind of birth – in a holistic way. I love that my classes are diverse. San Antonio attracts people from all around the world, and we have people planning all kinds of birth in all kinds of birth spaces coming together and creating community in one place.

About the Birthing from Within Team

Birthing From Within is blessed to have a team of bloggers that includes childbirth educators, doulas, and birth story listeners who, in addition to being deep thinkers and skilled writers, are dedicated to the amplification of the BFW mission and philosophy. Birthing From Within is a collective creation, always evolving to reflect the new layers of understanding and unique approaches to the childbirth experience. Our goal is to change the conversation about birth in our culture, and to uphold the possibility of growth and transformation for birth professionals and birthing people.

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