Why Drawing Stick Figures Can Save Your Life

intuitive drawing

By Holly Rogalski

That big, un-Google-able question that you’ve been wrestling with for weeks, months, or years…

That dilemma that you just can’t seem to solve with pros-and-cons lists, talking to your therapist, or reading self-help books…

You know the one.


You may have even tried to Google it out of desperation:

“What’s my life’s purpose?”

“What’s the next step for this relationship?”

“What’s the next step in my career?”

“Is our family complete?”


You ping-pong between options, wring your hands over making the “wrong” choice, and feel absolutely paralysed to move forward.

Part of the problem is that the answer isn’t going to be found in your rational, logical mind, or with MORE information. If the answer could be found that way, you would have found it already.

When you are in these situations where analytical thinking and information gathering can’t move you forward, what might be the key to your next step? 

Have you considered the idea that the subconscious mind is a vast treasure trove of insight and intuition that can speak TO you? 

The subconscious mind takes in so much more information through our lives than our conscious mind is aware of. It is far more powerful than the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for the majority of your mind’s power, including your unconscious habits and reactions.

It’s becoming obvious to you that you need to access your intuition to find clarity and certainty in your life, ESPECIALLY with the big life decisions.

You experience this phenomenon when an answer comes to you in a dream, or you have a huge “a-ha!” in the shower.

Just imagine if, instead of relying on those chance dreams and a-has, you had a reliable method for accessing the deepest wisdom of your intuition any time you needed help with what to do next.

This is the power of Intuitive Drawing.

The subconscious mind communicates non-verbally. It speaks in emotional imagery.

Therefore, To gain access to this rich reservoir of insight, healing and wisdom, you must open the valve in a non-verbal, visual way.

Intuitive Drawing is a 5-step process to stimulate, listen to, and communicate with your Intuition.

In my Birthing From Within-hosted course, “Drawing for Healing & Insight,” you will be guided through each step of that 5-step process and hone the skill of listening to your Intuition.

It does not matter how well or how poorly you draw. The subconscious mind often communicates in stick figures and abstract shapes. There is a “no comment” rule in the class so that we can all express our deepest wisdom freely and without fear of judgment.

Through the power of Intuitive Drawing, you can SPEND TIME immersed in conversation with your Intuition, getting downloads and direct answers to your BIG Questions so that you can resolve these angsty frustrations. No more ping-ponging between options, stuck in analysis and second-guessing.

When you learn to tap into your Intuition in this concrete way, you will discover a profound tool for bringing clarity to difficult decisions.

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