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CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION AND DOULA TRAINING a COMPLETE online certification program for birth professionals outside of the United States and Canada


You are someone who...

  • Wishes to bring the gifts of Birthing From Within to your country
  • Hungers for a deeper level of birth exploration and preparation.
  • Believes that birth is more than a medical event, and that parents need more than data and techniques to prepare for the unpredictability and depth of birth.
  • Wants to support parents in the transformational experience of birth.
  • Dreams of fostering a less judgemental, less outcome-focused mindset for your clients, one that is open to all possibilities.
  • Wishes to be uplifted and inspired within a caring community of birth professionals who are devoted to shared growth and learning.

Certify as a Childbirth Educator, Doula, or Both!

Join the movement to prepare parents for birth by awakening their inner knowing, releasing attachment to outcomes, and helping to prevent birth trauma.

Birthing From Within's Dual-Certification International Pathway allows for birth professionals all over the world to join our community and training programs without having to attend a live Crossing the Threshold retreat. Instead, you will jump right in to our certification program, which is an interactive nine-module online course that expands on traditional birth trainings by offering a holistic approach that activates ancient, inner knowing in conjunction with evidence-based, scientific knowing. Birth professionals who complete this program can certify as a childbirth educator, as a birth doula, or both!

birth doula training and certification

you will learn:

  • The ancient maps that guide the modern birth warrior and birth professional, including the Heroic Journey of the childbearing year
  • How to help parents navigate the modern medical map of today’s childbirth experience
  • Exquisite communication and mentoring skills that are solution-focused, motivate for change, and help prevent or reduce birth trauma
  • How to design customized prenatal visits and classes based on the needs of the parents
  • Hands-on support skills and pain-coping practices that build confidence, enhance relaxation, and reduce suffering
  • How to support birth partners so they may be present and offer effective, loving support

pathway to certification

Birth as a Heroic Journey: Mentor and Doula From Within™ is an interactive certification course consisting of nine modules over the course of nine months. This program focuses on supporting birth as a heroic journey, using evidence-based information blended with storytelling, birth art, visualizations, ritual, and ceremony. Each module includes a live group call, readings, audio and video tutorials, and journaling. It is a program like no other, and truly prepares you to serve parents from the inside out. The cost of the course is $797.

The final certification process for childbirth educators involves the submission of assignments and videos to a Birthing From Within facilitator, who will give you individualized support, mentoring, and feedback. The fee for Childbirth Education Certification is $150.

Our doula certification process requires attending a minimum number of births after completing the online modules. You will receive continuing education and support during facilitated calls with your peers, where you will discuss case studies, develop your skills, and build confidence in your new role. The fee for Doula Certification is $150.

You may certify as both a Childbirth Educator and Doula for a $300 certification fee. All courses are in English. While Crossing the Threshold is not required for the International Pathway to certification, you are welcome to join us at a Crossing the Threshold in the United States or Canada.

upcoming workshops

To join our childbirth educator and doula certification program, click on the link below to embark on your pathway to Certification!


"In the birth arena, this is the best money, time, and energy you will EVER spend! It is a commitment, but the rewards of truly mentoring are so amazing that you would be foolish not to do it. You won't get this anywhere else on the planet!"


"Birthing From Within has begun to fill and heal a cavern in my soul that was growing wider as the years went by. I was a busy labor and delivery nurse trying to protect and save parents from themselves, the medical establishment, and our cultural expectations. It was a lot of work and wore me down. I was busy saving fish from drowning—an impossible task that not only frustrates the fisherwoman, but also kills the fish! With this new perspective and my personal growth as a result of my trainings and work towards certification, I am beginning to realize it's not my job to go around 'saving' parents and getting them to see things 'my' way. I am there for them as they discover amazing insights on their own. And I learn at least as much as they do!"


"The BFW Childbirth Mentoring program has changed me as a human being and as a midwife. It is more than just childbirth education, it is life education. Pam England's commitment to see truth and beauty in everything is inspiring. She inspires me to dig deeper, listen deeper and become a profound mentor to those who cross my path."


Birthing From Within workshops are designed for aspiring and experienced birth professionals who work with expectant parents in a variety of settings, birth classes being just one of them. Birth professionals who attend and benefit from our workshops and trainings include, but are not limited to, OBGYNs, midwives, nurses, doulas, IBCLCs, therapists, massage therapists, midwifery/nursing professors, yoga and fitness instructors, and parent support group leaders.

"This ancient map - the map of the Birth Warrior - is not a simplistic road map to achieving a perfect birth or any other specific outcome. Instead, it guides you across countless inner thresholds, over unforeseen hurdles, beyond your edge, and into the unknown and uncharted territory. This map shows you ways to keep going - and to find your way 'home' again."

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