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Past and present systems of oppression have resulted in many pregnant people being marginalized from access to optimal care and support, resulting in tremendous disparities in healthcare outcomes. Birthing From Within is dedicated to addressing these disparities within the birth world, our organization, and ourselves individually.

Birthing From Within believes that culturally competent care from Doulas and Childbirth Educators working within their communities can improve outcomes for parents from historically oppressed groups.

Birthing From Within's commitment...


inequity within our organization and streamline our programs to enhance accessibility.


scholarships to Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Disabled, and LGBTQ+ birth professionals.


pathways to leadership for BIPOC to amplify their voices and ensure culturally relevant curriculum.


our predominantly white leadership and facilitators about the impact of white supremacy, structural inequity, and implicit bias.

Crossing the Threshold for BIPOC

Social justice values are at the core of our organizational mission; we work to cultivate and protect diversity, inclusivity and equity in all of our trainings and workshops. In addition, our Crossing the Threshold workshops are standardized so that all Crossing the Threshold participants can begin their Birthing From Within journey with a shared, common experience. That said, our Crossing the Threshold retreats for Black, Indigenous and People of Color offer something special...

We have two goals in limiting participation in these trainings to people of color. First, we wish to provide a safe space for people of color to focus on the work without having to worry about distractions caused by white supremacy, white privilege, and/or white fragility. (The workshops will be led by a black facilitator and/or a facilitator of color.) Second, we wish to center the perspectives and contexts of people of color by providing the time and space to consider Birthing From Within practices and approaches specifically in light of people of color’s birthing experiences.

So, while all Crossing the Threshold retreats are appropriate for all aspiring or experienced birth workers of all backgrounds, communities, and identities, we offer these retreats specifically for people of color who feel that they could benefit from learning in an environment shaped by the goals above.


Do you identify as Black, Indigenous, Person of Color, LGBTQ+, or Disabled?

  • 1 Choose your preferred Birthing From Within training.
  • 2 Register or complete a scholarship application as desired.
  • 3 Engage with our Equity Caucus and receive enhanced support during your training.
  • 4 Change birth in our culture.

Do you want to help support this initiative? Contributions will go directly to...

  • Scholarships for BIPOC and people from other marginalized commuities.
  • BIPOC leadership.
  • Ongoing support and mentoring for BIPOC in our programs.
  • Support of BIPOC-led birth organizations.
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Our Statement on Becoming a More Equitable Organization

While many people believe birth in the United States to be inherently safe, birth outcomes for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), as well as  other marginalized people, are substantially worse than they are for cisgender white people. Sadly, these statistics continue to decline. Today, in 2020, Birthing From Within recognizes that what this moment calls for is a commitment to the work of anti-oppression— specifically, the work of dismantling the system of racism and white supremacy that so clearly impacts pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

What is our responsibility as a predominantly white birth organization when Black birthing people are dying at four to five times the rate of white birthing people? What privileges will need to be dismantled and left behind? What insights will be gained? How can we step into greater accountability around the work of examining whiteness? How do we continue Birthing From Within founder Pam England’s decades-long legacy of pushing back against systemic beliefs and cultural norms?

Our responsibility is to look within at how this historically white organization can work to dismantle systems of white supremacy from the inside out.  We commit to make Birthing From Within more accessible and relevant to BIPOC parents and birth professionals.

 This is our commitment:

  • Address inequity within our organization.
  • Create programs that support people who are working directly with the communities most impacted by inequity in the healthcare system.
  • Streamline our programs to enhance accessibility on multiple levels.
  • Continue to offer scholarships to BIPOC who wish to bring BFW into their communities.
  • Train and educate our predominantly white leadership and facilitators about how white supremacy and implicit bias operate.
  • Create pathways to leadership for BIPOC within our organization to cultivate true inclusivity and equity.
  • Amplify the voices of BIPOC to help ensure a culturally relevant curriculum.


Read our full equity statement on the Birthing From Within blog...