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Colleen Goidel

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Two Doulas & You
Service Area Offering monthly childbirth, breastfeeding and postpartum classes and support for growing families. Hoboken Work Phone: (404) 556-1133 Website:


I am a CAPPA-certified postpartum doula, a Birthing From Within-trained childbirth educator and a lactation, postpartum and parenting educator. I worked as a labor doula for 10 years before retiring from birth support in 2020, have supported hundreds of expectant and new parents along the way. My monthly virtual series helps prepare parents-to-be for labor, birth and the postpartum return in strength and openness, rather than to achieve a specific outcome or goal. Besides discussing common medical procedures, we practice dozens of emotional and physical coping tools to help parents birth in awareness rather than fear. We explore what the human body is physiologically capable of, the psychology of how to enable that capability, and how parents can be fully present without fear clouding their experience or preventing them from birthing in empowerment. My breastfeeding course follows the same model, helping lactating parents navigate the feeding journey with an open heart and lots of practical tools and resources, so that they can find joy and fulfillment, whether they breastfeed for days, weeks or years.