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Caellyn Everson

Trained Birthing from Within Doula Held In Arms Birth Services
Service Area I offer Birth Doula Services and Postpartum Care in the Greater Seattle Area . SEATTLE Work Phone: (206) 579-0854 Website:


When approaching birth, parents often are bombarded with information and recommendations from friends, family, strangers. Everyone has an opinion. Navigating this maze of knowledge is the first step into parenting: deciding what is right for your family. We all have our own ideas about how we want to live. There is no correct way to do everything, only to find what works for our own family. Only by witnessing the options around us do we see alternatives or adaptations to our plan and a path forward.

Held in Arms Birth Services holds to the philosophy that while we are strong enough to move on our own, to be surrounded and held in a circle of support is sacred. When we surround ourselves with community and strength, we are fostering a rich environment for the babe to come.

I received my birth doula training through the Simkin center at Bastyr University in 2014 and since that time I have been mentored by Open Arms Perinatal Services, Carrie Kenner, Penny Simkin and many other beautiful folks in the birth community here in Seattle. I attended my initial trainings with Birthing From Within in the Fall of 2018 and I currently offer birth doula services, postpartum care and services, and photography.