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Photo of Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Trained Birthing From Within Doula Sarah Emily Doula
Service Area Offering comprehensive doula services in central Vermont and New Hampshire Woodstock Website: Sarah Emily Doula


Sarah has been doula in the Upper Valley since 2018. She completed her DONA doula training in April 2018, is certified as a Sacred Baby practitioner and circle leader, has training in Birth Story Medicine and is a certified VBAC Doula. Sarah is currently undergoing additional training as a Birthing From Within certified doula as well as a Still Birth Day Birth and Bereavement Doula.

As a mother, Sarah believes birthing a child is one of the most profound and life changing events in a person’s life, and as a doula her goal is to recognize this rite of passage with each client so that they may emerge from the birthing time feeling seen, honored and celebrated and with a new sense of compassion for themselves. Sarah practices narrative healing and has a special concern for families who have experienced heartache in the birthing process and who may be looking for a safe and compassionate listener as they process and integrate their experiences.