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Leigh Ann Sharp

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator C.A.R.E. Birth Services
Service Area Offering workshops and classes for families in the Houston area. HOUSTON Work Phone: (713) 449-4963 Website:


I was drawn to the Birthing From Within philosophy after the birth of my second child, because it gave me words for the experiences that I had had, and enabled me to dig deep and discover things not only about the journey I had been on, but also about myself as a human being. I have worked as a doula for some time, and with my BFW training as a Birth Story Listener and Mentor, strive to bring compassion a central aspect of birth preparation, the birth room, and processing of the birth experience afterwards. I find that compassion is often lacking from both our external and internal dialogue, and my desire is to help nudge it back into place. I work with both individuals and families from all walks of life and approach birth preparation in a holistic way, integrating body, mind, heart, and soul.