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Photo of Nora Niculescu (Ignat) ★

Nora Niculescu (Ignat) ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Cuibul Berzelor
Service Area Offering weekly childbirth classes in my hometown Work Phone: +40742 030465 Website:


It feels like I’ve been doing this wonderful work since forever, even though it all started in the beginning of 2010. I love working with future parents, because I get to meet them right before crossing an important threshold in their life. And l like to stand by their side during this process of deep preparation as more then a teacher or an educator – as their mentor.

I am also a birth and postpartum doula and the mother of a wonderful boy named Timothy!

I started my pre and postnatal centre – Cuibul Berzelor (Storks Nest) many years ago and since then I’ve worked with over 1000 couples. What I’ve learned in the meantime is priceless and has enriched my life, not just my “professional skills”. I usually work with groups of approximately 10 couples and I am fascinated by how the group dynamic changes when they are all connected and into the preparation process. I can almost feel the wheels turning in their minds and hearts while they are searching within for answers and guidance.

But my approach to childbirth preparation changed a LOT after I discovered Birthing From Within – first through the Birth Story Listening Course and then in the Mentoring Program. I felt it was the missing piece I was looking for all along…since providing “just” evidence-based information seemed to take me and “my parents” only this far.

BFW approach is deep, compassionate, wise, challenging, balanced and supporting at the same time and is now at the core of my work with future parents. The work that I love so much!