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Photo of Christy Cozby ★


Christy Cozby ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator

Christy is a Certified Birthing From Within Mentor and Facilitator, Intentional Creativity Teacher, and (formerly DONA-certified) birth doula. She has served as a volunteer for Postpartum Support International and has worked as an in-home parenting coach. Christy is the director of MAYA Organization, a nonprofit that provides no-cost prenatal education, birth doulas, postpartum support, practical assistance, and mental health therapy.…

Photo of Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt ★


Dawn Star Sarahs-Borchelt ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

My early and personal experiences with birth have fostered a deep fascination with birth, motherhood, and babies in me – and a trust in the process of childbearing.

As a young adult I began a career as a religious educator in the Unitarian Universalist church. I received recognition as a Credentialed Religious Educator (CRE), Master Level.…

Photo of Cortney Seltman


Cortney Seltman

Certified Birthing From Within Mentor & Childbirth Educator

Cortney supports individuals, couples, and groups navigating pregnancy, labor and birth, and the postpartum period, a unique time of major transition for parents and babies, from birth until 2-3 years later. She teaches Birthing From Within Classes in partnership with The Midwife Center for Birth & Women’s Health in Pittsburgh, the largest free standing birth center in the country.…