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Photo of Shannon Murnaghan


Shannon Murnaghan

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

I have been a Doula and Childbirth Mentor since 2009. I have attended many births and have experience with breech, VBAC, Cesarean birth, multiples, high risk pregnancies, teens, first births and last births. I have been the sole support person as well as part of the family support team.

I have also been mentoring expectant couples on childbirth preparation since 2012 in the philosophy of Birthing From Within whose trainings have been full of personal growth and life enriching for me.…

Photo of Karen McWilliam


Karen McWilliam

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Photo of Bronwyn Addico ★


Bronwyn Addico ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator

Bronwyn Addico is a certified Birthing From Within TM mentor, a Birth and Postpartum Doula, a certified Dancing For Birth TM instructor, and the co-owner of Balancing From Birth to Baby, a prenatal and parenting preparation business in Kitchener ON. She offers virtual birth and new parenting coaching in addition to her in-class sessions. Bronwyn focuses on empowering her clients to find the tools within themselves to thrive during pregnancy, birth, and early parenting.…

Photo of Jennifer Gillean ★


Jennifer Gillean ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Jennifer loves Birthing From Within’s powerful approach to birth as a rite of passage, acknowledging the sacred path to parenthood. She works with folks who know that there really is more to learn about birth and parenthood than just gathering information or creating a birth plan. Jennifer also accepts doula clients on a case-by-case basis.
With nearly 18 years of experience teaching yoga and as an Embodied Yoga Therapist, Jennifer weaves in somatic and mindfulness practices into her classes, workshops and private sessions.…

Photo of Nancy Salgueiro


Nancy Salgueiro

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Nancy’s passion is helping women and families find their inner strength and create the life they desire.
Nancy is a mom of 3 and trained birth doula, mentor, and childbirth educator. She has been attending births and mentoring expectant families since 2003. Working with both midwifery and obstetrical clients, Nancy has experience supporting births in both home and hospital settings, and families planning to use the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre.…

Photo of Corina Tudor


Corina Tudor

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Photo of Michelle Webb


Michelle Webb

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I have been supporting birthing families for more than a decade, as a birth doula, an advocate for choice in birth and a childbirth educator/mentor. I also rent out birth pools. In addition to the Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator training, I have completed courses on Spinning Babies for childbirth, Supporting Survivors Giving Birth, and an Introduction to Midwifery at Bumi Sehat, in Bali.…