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Nancy Salgueiro

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Your Birth Coach
Service Area Offering birth doula services, weekly and weekend intensive (group, private, and online) childbirth preparation classes, one on one childbirth mentoring, free monthly peer-to-peer support gatherings for pregnancy and parenting. Ottawa Work Phone: (613) 692-2262 Website:


Nancy’s passion is helping women and families find their inner strength and create the life they desire.
Nancy is a mom of 3 and trained birth doula, mentor, and childbirth educator. She has been attending births and mentoring expectant families since 2003. Working with both midwifery and obstetrical clients, Nancy has experience supporting births in both home and hospital settings, and families planning to use the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre. She has experience with twin births, VBACs, HBACs, and births after previous birth trauma.
Nancy’s childbirth classes focus on facilitating families to find their own inner power and confidence to create positive birthing experiences. Nancy helps families uncover underlying, limiting belief systems, release fears, and find inner strength and knowledge, so they can approach birth confidently. She also provides the practical tools to manage the physical, mental and emotional intensity of labour and birth. As a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, Nancy is able to provide an easy to understand and comprehensive explanation of the physiology of the body during birth, helping families understand the process and progress of childbirth. She covers how to make informed decisions and how to maintain a positive experience in the face of unexpected outcomes.
Nancy facilitates free, monthly, peer to peer pregnancy and parenting support gatherings at Marketplace Chiropractic. Your Birth Circle is part of the Positive Birth Movement and Pathways Connect focusing on conscious parenting, is part of the Pathways to Family Wellness Community.