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Photo of Megan Malone-Franklin

Megan Malone-Franklin

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Riverbend Birth
Service Area Offering birth doula support and private birth and postpartum preparation classes for growing families in Orange County and Long Beach IRVINE CA Work Phone: (412) 206-6335 Website:


My wife, Marlee, and I love supporting families together. We teach birth and postpartum preparation classes together, and we work as a doula team to support our clients during labor. As Birthing From Within Mentors, we are passionate about providing safe spaces for parents to explore what’s really important to them in their birth and early parenting experience, rather than prescribing what we think is best.

I am a serious planner. I like to know what’s coming next and how I can prepare for it in pretty much every area of my life. So I truly empathize with parents who are entering this transformative time that seems to hold so much mystery… the feeling of not knowing what’s coming next can be so challenging. As a birth doula, I am committed to walking alongside parents as they navigate that unknown journey of labor – one step at a time.

Through this work, I have discovered that many parents-to-be are thirsty for realistic preparation for the life-changing experience of having a baby. In our classes, we work with parents to help them learn skills they can use to move through those challenges in a holistic and authentic way. There is no one right answer that works for everyone, so our classes are exploratory – helping parents to discover what might work for them in their own unique lives and in alignment with their values.

It is a privilege to share what I have learned (and am continually learning) about birth as a rite of passage, and to support parents through compassionate mentoring as they move through this transformative experience.