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Photo of Marlee Malone-Franklin

Marlee Malone-Franklin

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Riverbend Birth
Service Area Offering birth and postpartum doula support, lactation counseling, and birth and postpartum preparation classes in Orange County and Long Beach IRVINE CA Work Phone: (412) 206-6335 Website:


 I work with my spouse, Megan, to support growing families in Pittsburgh PA. We’ve been working with new parents since 2014. We work together with clients during pregnancy (teaching childbirth and postpartum/breastfeeding classes), during labor as a birth doula team, and I also serve families in their first few months with a new baby as a postpartum doula and lactation counselor.

Caring for others and seeing them thrive is one of my greatest joys, and when I learned about the work of birth and postpartum doulas, I was hooked then and there! I love walking with families through those raw, early, new baby days.

As a Birthing From Within mentor, it’s very important to me to meet parents where they are. Our doula practice supports families who want to birth with or without an epidural, families who plan to cosleep, families who plan to use a nursery, families who want to breastfeed, families who want to bottle feed, and everything in between… including families who aren’t sure what they want and feel a bit overwhelmed. It can be so difficult for expecting parents to have helpful, honest conversations with others about these things, so I’m passionate about providing that space for exploring, questioning, and figuring out what might work together.

As a postpartum doula and lactation counselor, I love working with families to help them find ways to connect to themselves and each other during such an intense time. I’m so grateful to get to spend time with parents as they learn, shift, and grow alongside their new babies.