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Photo of Katherine Geis ★

Katherine Geis ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator
Service Area Offering childbirth classes in Portland, Oregon PORTLAND Work Phone: (503) 568-2882 Website:


I’ve been interested in birth and babies ever since I was sixteen or so. I explored doula work and midwifery, but realized that what I loved most was helping parents deal with the enormous emotional and mental changes that come with welcoming a baby. After the births of my two daughters, I was finally able to pursue my calling.

When I joined Birthing From Within, I felt like I’d come home. I wanted a childbirth education method that acknowledged and celebrated the deeply personal emotional experience of the new parent. I love the richness of mythology and storytelling embedded in the philosophy, which also recognizes that birth can be messy, difficult, and not at all what we expect.

One of the tenets of Birthing From Within is that “birth is synonymous with the unknown.” This is part of what draws me to it. There is always more to learn and discover, and we will never know everything about birth. Every parent I work with teaches me something new, which is exciting. I look forward to supporting you on your unique journey!