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Giedre Ke ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator, Trained Birthing from Within Doula Birth Feed Love
Service Area Offering weekend intensive childbirth classes, birthing again classes, birth story listening and energy healing Westport CT Work Phone: (203) 442-5843 Website:


When we embarked on the journey to meet our first child, I could not get enough of books and information. We took a course with an inspiring CBE, and it was: “if you do A,B and C, you will get a natural painless birth…” But as we know, the journey into unknown is not as straightforward. What about fostering the inner knowing, building resilience, listening deeply within? What do we do when we do not know what to do? How do we approach the right of passage in the fast-paced world? How do we stay connected with the partner, baby, ourselves? How do we find ourselves again in the deep postpartum return? “An acorn has all the knowledge to become an oak tree”. Thus I am here to help you find what is right for you, while offering mindfulness practices to build the resilience needed for labor, birth, postpartum. While offering guidance though body balancing routines that help your baby be in optimal position for birth. While offering postpartum segment and using ancient stories and art to help nurture us within. During the birth story listening and/or energy healing sessions (can be done remotely) I offer a shift and tools that help you feel more grounded. Birthing From Within has compassionately supported me while allowing growth and healing. I am honored to have had served celebrity musicians during the private classes, homebirth couples in preparing for all scenarios, LGBTQ partners, diverse families and single mothers. All have reported that they feel more connected, more confident and prepared for birth, labor, postpartum, daily parenting and living.