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Photo of Caroline Paganoni

Caroline Paganoni

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator
Service Area Austin TX


Caroline Paganoni is an advanced practice certified nurse midwife (APRN, CNM) practicing in Austin.The majority of her almost fifteen years of direct patient care has been in perinatal and women’s health services. She has served as a volunteer doula, public health nurse, pediatric & labor and delivery nurse, Holy Family Birth Center midwife, Indian Health Service midwife in Alaska, and women’s health provider for a sexual health clinic. Out of the many years of coaching new parents and teaching a variety of childbirth education, Birthing from Within is the philosophy and approach that best fits Caroline’s personal beliefs. Self compassion, love, and creating space to deepen personal awareness is a beautiful necessary part of the journey. Caroline used the Birthing from Within material to prepare for her own two births, and uses it still throughout postpartum and parenting. She is a certified Birthing from Within Mentor and Birth Art facilitator, and is happy to offer virtual Birth Art sessions through