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Breann Snyder ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator All 10 Toes
Service Area Offering a variety of private and small group childbirth classes for families in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO CA Work Phone: (719) 339-1305 Website:


I drew my first labyrinth during my Birth Doula training; I drew my second when attending a BFW introductory course; I drew my third as an expecting parent in a Childbirth Prep class; but it wasn’t until I finally journeyed into my own labyrinth with the birth of my first child that its meaning and value took root in my soul.

I have always loved teaching, and teaching expecting parents was the highlight of my birth doula career. Now as a trained Birthing From Within educator I relish the opportunities to walk (if only for a brief moment) alongside people on their journey to parenting. I offer private or small group classes. I work with first time families as well as second (or third, or fourth) timers. In addition to birthing preparation I also offer body awareness sessions, assisting the birthing person in understanding the unique anatomy involved in pregnancy and birth; as well as Elimination Communication training (aka infant pottying). I find all three areas (Birthing From Within, Body Awareness and Elimination Communication) are grounded on the assumption that the clues and cues are already there, and in our education, we are learning to listen.