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Bernice Rivkin

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Birthing from WIthin Brocha L’Ima Chicago
Service Area Service Area: Offering private childbirth classes and 6 week group sessions in Chicago and via Skype. CHICAGO Work Phone: (773) 965-5221 Website: http://Coming%20Soon


I enjoy supporting pregnant couples as they embark on their amazing birth journey, whether they are just becoming parents for the first time or already have other children. As a Birthing from Within mentor, childbirth educator and doula, my work is not just about sharing information and techniques, although I do a lot of that too. My deepest desire is to help pregnant and new moms and dads navigate the many choices and challenges that they may have about their upcoming birth, and find the path that resonates with them. Each couple is unique, and each pregnancy is different, and each child brings his or her own blessings to his or her family.

My vision and my goal is to assist new parents to discover inner strengths that they may not know that they had, and connect with Divinely inspired part of ourselves, no matter how they give birth and whatever medical interventions are or are not part of their experience. I also am a Birth Story Listener, helping Moms and Dads who have gone through difficult birth experiences and find themselves wondering what they might have done differently, or why their birth plan didn’t go as they had planned. Revisiting and talking about that experience can make a difference in how you integrate that story into your life as a parent.