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Photo of Pam Roe ★


Pam Roe ★

Certified Birthing From Within Mentor & Doula, and Birth Story Listener

Being a certified Birthing From Within mentor, facilitator-in-training, and doula was born of a calling that began with my own family. My best friend of more than 40 years and I share a family of children and grandchildren that own our hearts. I began working with other families as a La Leche League leader in 1990, sharing about breastfeeding at births, through classes, and in one-on-one counseling.…

Photo of Shalene Massie ★


Shalene Massie ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

I am a certified mentor and doula through Birthing From Within. I have been mentoring parents since 2012 along their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys. I began to hear my call to birth work when I became pregnant with my daughter Abigail in 2008. I met a Doula and hired her to assist in my birth.…

Photo of Christine DEsposito ★


Christine DEsposito ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Christine is a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula and a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and facilitator in training. She has witnessed the many ways in which the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey holds the capacity to be a transformative experience for everyone involved. Her hope as a doula and childbirth mentor is to validate and celebrate each parent’s experience as she helps facilitate their own self-discovery.…

Photo of Nikki Shaheed ★


Nikki Shaheed ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Nikki Shaheed is one of the Co-Owners of Birthing from Within International. Since 2012 she has guided hundreds of families as a Birthing from Within Mentor and Doula. Nikki offers Birthing from Within classes monthly in San Antonio, TX, as well as Birth Story Healing sessions, community-building support circles, and training events for local birth professionals.…

Photo of Katie Hallum


Katie Hallum

Trained Birthing from Within Doula

Katie grew up in beautiful Ojai, CA. She attended Biola University and received her Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, emphasis on French horn. She met her husband, Ryan, at Biola and they were married in 2011. She had the privilege of working with orphans in Romania for several years and it shaped her outlook on the world.…

Photo of Colleen Goidel


Colleen Goidel

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator

I am a CAPPA-certified postpartum doula, a Birthing From Within-trained childbirth educator and a lactation, postpartum and parenting educator. I worked as a labor doula for 10 years before retiring from birth support in 2020, have supported hundreds of expectant and new parents along the way. My monthly virtual series helps prepare parents-to-be for labor, birth and the postpartum return in strength and openness, rather than to achieve a specific outcome or goal.…

Photo of Imani Byers

Atlanta, GA

Imani Byers

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Hi! My name is Imani Byers LMSW, MPH and I am a certified doula providing services in and around the Atlanta and Savannah, GA areas. I am passionate about assisting birthing persons wherever they are on their journey and will offer you authentic, non-judgmental physical, mental, and educational support during your fertility, birth and/or postpartum journeys as well as bereavement. …

Photo of Kim Borchert


Kim Borchert

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Kim is the mother to six children, and since the birth of her first child in 2002, she has been passionate about birth and supporting birthing individuals and their families. In 2015, she completed her doula training through Doula Trainings International (DTI). In 2017, she certified as a childbirth educator with DTI

In her own birthing experiences, she has had a wide variety of labors and births.…

Photo of Allison Cline ★


Allison Cline ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Trained Doula

Allison has completed child birth education training for mentoring couples and doula work with Birthing From Within. She is currently deepening her knowledge and certifying as a child birth educator and a doula with their Nationally Recognized Program for birth professionals. In addition to her professional birth training, she has had 3 natural hospital births of her own.…

Photo of Anya Casteel


Anya Casteel

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Our mind and body is such a deep connection, that we can do everything if we believe in ourselves. I’m Anya Casteel – an apprentice midwife, doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and a trained Birthing from Within childbirth educator, and I believe in you. I serve Austin, TX, and hold childbirth classes online. I work with pregnant women and folks for about 5 years now and I know that it’s the only thing in a world I want to do.…

Photo of Andie Nantz ★


Andie Nantz ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Andie has been working with growing families since 2006. She provides comprehensive childbirth preparation in group and private formats, birth and postpartum doula support, and is a trained birth story listener.

Photo of Holly Rogalski ★


Holly Rogalski ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I have been supporting expectant families in birth since 2006. I bring compassion, wisdom and absolute support for this glorious ordeal of birth. I run ongoing classes in Chicago and Lake County and attend births as a doula in both counties. I have worked for 14 years as a medical communications trainer for student doctors and nurses, as well.…

Photo of Amanda Lutes ★


Amanda Lutes ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Hello! I offer Birthing From Within childbirth and postpartum classes for first time parent as well as refresher classes for those seeking support on subsequent births. Currently serving families with weekend intensive classes. I am unwavering in my work to bring a holistic and compassionate voice to the way childbirth and postpartum are presented and spoken to in our world.…

Photo of Leticia Loza ★


Leticia Loza ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator

Psychologist UAG (1976)

Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (1996)

Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Kundalini Research Institute KRI (2001)

Fellow of the American College of Childbirth Educators FACCE (2003)

Certified Childbirth Birthing From Within Mentor BFWM (2004)

MAGENTA Educacion Perinatal in partner with Carolina Quintana (1996)

Given conferences and courses, national and international organizations.

Promotes monthly free breastfeeding and options for birth talks since 2007 ;organized conventions and talks in Guadalajara.…

Photo of Eeva Itkonen


Eeva Itkonen

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I am a midwife and a doula serving families in Helsinki, Finland. I offer support on your baby journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond. My services include childbirth education classes, weekend courses, and private classes in the Greater Helsinki area and online. I also offer birth doula services, breastfeeding support, and birth story listening for parents and continuous education workshops for birth professionals.…

Photo of Teri-Ann Coombes ★


Teri-Ann Coombes ★

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator (Mentor)

I am a passionate life long learner who loves helping parents prepare body and mind for birth and beyond. I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist and a childbirth mentor. My offerings include nutrition specifically for prenatal needs that are evidence-based. Birth is an initiation that transforms us. I offer mentorship to prepare parents for the challenges of childbirth and what comes after, whether it is their first or third child.…

Photo of Tracy Hill ★


Tracy Hill ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Photo of Jennifer Gillean ★


Jennifer Gillean ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Jennifer loves Birthing From Within’s powerful approach to birth as a rite of passage, acknowledging the sacred path to parenthood. She works with folks who know that there really is more to learn about birth and parenthood than just gathering information or creating a birth plan. Jennifer also accepts doula clients on a case-by-case basis.
With nearly 18 years of experience teaching yoga and as an Embodied Yoga Therapist, Jennifer weaves in somatic and mindfulness practices into her classes, workshops and private sessions.…

Photo of Kellie Edson


Kellie Edson

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Kellie is a mom to two little girls and is certified through ICEA for childbirth education and also a CBE mentor through ICEA. She is also Birthing From Within Trained for Childbirth Education and is currently completing the full mentor certification in 2020. She has done over 80 hours of Lactation Education, first some locally and then certified as a CLEC through UCSD and studied under Gini Baker.…

Photo of Fahna Love Doula


Fahna Love Doula

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

Greetings Loves-
As a trained Childbirth Educator and Doula with Birthing From Within I happily offer classes and birth support that explore the Ancient and Modern maps of the childbearing year, pain coping practices, solution focused thinking, and methods to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma.

As a person holding white privilege, I acknowledge that our institutions uphold white supremacy and as a result BIPOC suffer in many ways.…

Photo of Shelley Rahim ★


Shelley Rahim ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Birthing From Within is a way of life for me. I’ve been teaching and living the philosophy for over 10 years. I passionately weave the principles of Birthing From Within and Birth Story Listening into all the work that I do with families. I’m also a Birth Story Listener, Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver, Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Artist and Storyteller.…

Photo of Breann Snyder ★


Breann Snyder ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I drew my first labyrinth during my Birth Doula training; I drew my second when attending a BFW introductory course; I drew my third as an expecting parent in a Childbirth Prep class; but it wasn’t until I finally journeyed into my own labyrinth with the birth of my first child that its meaning and value took root in my soul.…

Photo of Stephanie Freeman ★


Stephanie Freeman ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula

I have been working in the field of birth for about 14 years. Originally as a La Leche Leader, and then as a Doula and Childbirth Educator. However… it all started for me with the birth of my first child. It was truly (cliche as it sounds) a life changing experience, one that I am forever grateful for.…

Photo of Shannan Williams ★


Shannan Williams ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I offer childbirth preparation, doula care, and birth story listening in Northeast Oklahoma. I took BFW workshops in 2009 and 2016, and am completing my level 1 training in July 2018. I completed the Birth story listening training in September 2017. I have postpartum doula training through DONA (2015) and birth doula training through ToLabor (2017).…

Photo of Isabel Villanueva ★


Isabel Villanueva ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

My name is Isabel. I am a certified Mentor of BFW in Spain. I work as a gestalt psychotherapist and perinatal psychologist in my private practice in Valladolid (a medium spanish city near Madrid)
My first training with BFW was done in 2009 in the UK. Later I attended advance training at Ghost Ranch (New Mexico) and in 2013 I received training at Glastombury again.…

Photo of Liliane Regnier


Liliane Regnier

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

Liliane is passionate about inspiring and supporting women in times of transition! Liliane has 20 plus years of experience in the field of childbirth education. She is a trained Birthing from Within Educator & Mentor, a DONA certified Birth Doula, a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, Certified prenatal yoga instructor and a mother of two daughters. She has supported and educated hundreds of women with a heart centered approach unique to each client.…