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Rebecca Robinson ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator Unique Beginnings
Service Area Unique Beginnings offer childbirth classes that are private and tailored to your unique need. Lower North Island Work Phone: +64 021 066 0394 Website:


After completing my Bachelor of Nursing, I started my journey in Palmerston North within community nursing where I found my love for women’s health. This continued as I travelled and nursed in London, England and then in Vancouver, Canada.
My love of working with babies grew when I started working as a Public Health Nurse for the 0-5 age group in Vancouver. One of my roles was supporting new parents and babies in their home. This care was collaborated with GPs, Obstetricians and Midwives. At first, I simply enjoyed the baby cuddles and being involved within a community, then I learnt to love and value witnessing families’ progress through their own heart-warming transformation. I served many diverse families, with mums and dads, just mums or just dads, adoptions, surrogacy, IVF, young mums, single mums, and fostering.
During this time, my husband and I started our own family. After my third child I came across Birthing from within in Vancouver 2016, which has only enriched my love for supporting women and growing families. We moving to NZ and I complete my International Lactation Consultant training, and now provide a home-based support for parents and their unique beginnings.
I respect that every one’s journey in birth is unique. What I can promise is that no matter what unfolds I will stand by you and support you in birth and parenthood. You will be met with honest, compassionate support.