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Photo of Lisa Fletcher ★

Lisa Fletcher ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator Seven Gates Birth
Service Area Offering Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Birthing from Within Childbirth Education Classes, and Workshops in San Diego Minneapolis Work Phone: (661) 330-9583 Website:


Hi there! My name is Lisa.​ I am a mother, doula, mentor, and at heart, an ambassador of love, seeking all opportunities where I can share love to others. It brings me great joy and excitement to follow my heart’s calling to serve women traveling their hero’s journey of motherhood. I received this calling after having emerged from my own challenging entrance into motherhood. It was from this profound experience that my desire to study, pioneer, and offer supportive and compassionate care for mothers first began. It has only since continued to grow! I have trained with two incredible midwives (Whapio Barlett of The Matrona Foundation and Rachelle Garcia-Seliga of Innate Traditions) and offer a holistic and mindful approach to care. My upmost intentions are to listen, hold space and offer loving guidance, wherever you may be on your own intimate journey. I truly believe that we each individually hold the wisdom within to our deepest desires when we connect with our truth and I’m simply here to be of support, as we all travel the everwinding paths of this life. I offer birth and postpartum doula services, ceremonial workshops for mothers, pre/postnatal yoga classes, and Birthing From Within childbirth education classes. It would be a privilege to be of service to you along your birth journey!

With love, Lisa