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Darby Altinger

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Doula Darby
Service Area Offering Childbirth and Postpartum preparation classes as well as full-spectrum doula support in English to non-German families. Munich Work Phone: +4917681063676 Website:


My name is Darby and I am a mother of three and a full-spectrum doula, living and working in the Munich area. I gained insight into the German maternal healthcare system through my experiences supporting births since 2016. My journey to birth work was as unexpected as birth often is. After studying German in college, I quickly learned how much support expecting parents need in a foreign country when I started my family. I trained with Childbirth International in 2016 and in 2018 completed my German doula certification with the Gesellschaft für Geburtsvorbereitung (GfG) e.V. I am also a certified consultant with Die Trageschule®. I continued my professional development with workshops such as Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss with Amy Wright Glenn and Spinning Babies, and I am so pleased to add the philosophy and perspectives of Birthing from Within to my practices.
I learned how powerful birth can be through my three very different birth experiences. Within moments of giving birth to my first child, my inner voice shouted out “I did it!” I had hoped for a smooth birth but did my best to be unattached to a particular outcome. Having the support I needed and my voice heard and understood during birth proved to be the most empowering experience of my life. I am now a proud mother of three – two on earth and one in heaven. Between my two wonderful, growing girls, I also have a son who was stillborn at 40 weeks gestation due to complications with the placenta. He continuously inspires me to support mothers to have empowering birth experiences, even with devasting outcomes.