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Photo of Guina Bixler ★

Guina Bixler ★

Certified Birthing From Within Mentor, Birth Story Listener, Facilitator in Training and CAPPA doula
Service Area Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes, Birth Story Medicine Sessions, Optimal Fetal Position workshops and occasional doula support Atlanta Work Phone: +1 (404) 307 0440


A lifelong process of personal and professional growth began in 2008 when Guina first read Pam England’s book Birthing From Within. On those pages she found an approach to life and to birth which she’d never known existed.
“Doing The Next Best Thing” without attachment to outcome has become her life long quest. Applied to the season of pregnancy, birth and early parenting the birthing person and partner can learn and embody this. Guina is richly inspired and experienced in guiding parents before, during and after the birth of a child. During the birth year not only is a baby born, but parents and a family are also birthed. She understands the many paths the journey can take and has the wisdom, experience and passion to help others cross each threshold along the way. Birth is the UNKNOWN, and while there are no maps there are guides.
Trained and experienced in optimal fetal positioning techniques, she leads workshops in her community teaching parents how to help their babies find an easy passage and pregnant people to feel more comfort and ease.
Guina’s recent passions, again inspired by Pam England, are Birth Story Medicine, where she offers deep listening and gentle guidance to help parents find new meaning for what may have felt like a traumatic birth experience, and, becoming a Birthing From Within Facilitator, a vocation where she looks forward to expanding the wisdom of Birthing From Within throughout the world.