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Photo of Aileen White ★


Aileen White ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator

I used to be so fearful of birth and parenthood, I was Tokophobic. I was married 12 years before I found the courage and some resources to help me even go there. I now have two children, one born by caesarean and one at home in water. It’s been quite a journey!

Birth and parenthood is life changing, all consuming and overwhelming but I would love to support with you so you discover you can flourish.…

Photo of Sarah Marsden


Sarah Marsden

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator

I am a doula and birth photographer/videographer serving families in the East Midlands. I always felt drawn to birth work after the birth of my eldest daughter, and finally after the birth of my third child, everything aligned for me to complete my doula training. I absolutely love birth, and I am passionate about supporting families as they make informed decisions about the birth thats right for them.…