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Photo of Maya Avilucea

Maya Avilucea

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator and Doula Ancestral Hearts Doula
Service Area I offer birth doula services in the Inland Empire, and soon will offer online weekend Childbirth Education classes. ONTARIO Work Phone: (626) 512-0227 Website:


Hello families! My name is Mayahuel, I go by Maya, and I am a Chicana Indigenous birth doula born and raised in Southern CA. My ancestral land is Chihuahua, MX and I am the daughter of very strong, independent, hard working women. I offer culturally competent, holistic and affordable care for my fellow birthing people, and I work hard to embrace the differences in us all. I have been certified through other birthing organizations, but chose to train through Birthing From Within because of their unique and engaging approach to birth. I absolutely adore the freedom and ease of home births, but the majority of births I attend are in hospitals, so I am well equipped to helping you achieve the type of birth you may wish while in an overly structured setting, like the hospital.

In addition to birth work, I am a mother to four homeschooled children, two diagnosed with Autism. We spend our days reading, playing, making art and exploring our surroundings. The way I raise my family influences how I treat my birthing clients – with ample amounts of patience, kindness and respect. Blessings and thank you!