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Danielle Alexander

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Travelling Rose Nexus
Service Area Offering childbirth classes to families in the North Bay! NAPA Work Phone: (707) 337-0068 Website: http://Coming%20Soon!


Hello Beautiful Women and Families!
I am so pleased to make your acquaintance. Congratulations on your decision to be a parent and to learn and grow through this wonderful process!
Many things bring me to this inspiring intersection with you, but perhaps the most important two things are my commitments to women and to education. I come to this work through twenty years of teaching Women’s History to college students. In stories of history, women are often left out of the narrative leaving many to feel unseen and undervalued. By placing women’s experiences at center and telling all stories through women’s eyes, whole worlds emerge that were before unseen! The result is breathtaking!
It is through this lens of “Woman as Creatrix” that I share Childbirth Education with pregnant women and families. Birthing from Within places our stories at center offering us practices that help us to dig our roots deep and see that which may have been invisible to us before: our ancient wisdom in both creating life and helping it to emerge from our bodies.
I offer Birthing from Within Childbirth Education workshops and series in the North Bay region of California, centered in Napa. Workshops are three hour journeys into our hearts, our stories, and our visions for birth. Series are 6 sessions long and can be either private or experienced with a group, depending upon your preferences. Every encounter is filled with tremendous possibility for learning about ourselves, pregnancy, birth, and parenting.
I welcome you to this threshold!