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Photo of Judy McLaren ★

Judy McLaren ★

Certified Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Dancing Star Birth
Service Area Offering weekly and weekend intensive childbirth classes as well as postpartum programs for all families. VANCOUVER BC Work Phone: 604) 254-1100 Website:


Since 2004, we’ve been supporting Vancouver area families with the very best prenatal and postpartum classes. While we do cover all of the same core information you would find in any prenatal class, our goal is to provide you with something more – offering a blend of information and practical tools together with a deeper sense of personal preparation for birth and new parenthood. This is childbirth preparation for your heart and mind. We have a core set of ‘need to know topics’ that we are always sure to cover, but we also strive to tailor the class to your unique needs and interests. The result? You enjoy a childbirth class that prepares you for the full spectrum of what birth can bring – so that you can enter the unknown of your unique birth with a sense of confidence, connection and creativity.