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Mary Giordano ★

Certified Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator madreluna
Service Area Bespoke childbirth mentoring and preparation for families in person locally or online worldwide. MELBOURNE Work Phone: +61 431 528 009 Website:


I came to the sphere of birth-work after many years working in roles that support families during transformational times in a range of different contexts, especially migrant and refugee women and preschool aged children during their resettlement in Australia. I have tertiary degrees in education, languages and social sciences with a particular interest in the anthropology of birth and cultural competency in the birth space.

I offer in person doula support and a range of childbearing rituals to families in my local area. I also offer my Birthing from Within childbirth education and mentoring sessions in person to local families as well as online to families anywhere in the world, and can provide support in English, Italian and Spanish.

I am also the Australian partner of Naoli Vinaver, a Mexican midwife and great personal inspiration of mine. Through this partnership I promote Naoli’s online Art of Birth workshops, which she describes as a comprehensive resource sharing her didactic, practical and technical wisdom in combining traditional and contemporary midwifery.

Another one of my roles is as Midwife Coordinator for emerging organisation Adventurous Midwives, a non-profit that supports the health and survival of indigenous mothers and their babies through collaborative initiatives in midwifery and holistic health.

Finally, I am the Australian distributer of a range of premium, authentic handwoven rebozos made in an ethical production by local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am honoured to bring these quality pieces to birth-workers in Australia.