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Clancy Allen

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator Clancy Allen Doula – Empowered Birth
Service Area Offering childbirth mentoring for parents in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions. NEWCASTLE Work Phone: +61411360593 Website:


Clancy Allen is a Birthing From Within Mentor, Certified Doula, Kinesiologist & Yoga teacher specialising in Pre-natal yoga classes. She provides birthing services around Newcastle, Hunter Valley & the Central Coast. areas of NSW.

I see birth as an opportunity to meet ourselves, to better know ourselves, to become more self-aware and as a transformative rite of passage.

Your birth matters. It really does.

You, and your choices are important. Birth is the imprint that sets the tone for your baby’s nervous system, and lays the foundation for your journey into motherhood. Your baby’s birth is their first experience, and imprint of life, and it can be powerful, positive and peaceful for both of you, creating the deep roots of connection that will anchor your relationship.

I’d be honoured to support you to experience your birthing power, and for birth to be a joyous initiation into mothering. If you see birth as a pivotal rite of passage and, you value conscious and informed preparation for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey, then I’d love to chat with you about how we could work together to create your birth story.

I’m a mum, and a passionate birth and postnatal Doula with prior professional experience as a civil litigation lawyer, and training in kinesiology and yoga. I can help you to find your power within the modern medical system, create a sacred container for birth, and find harmony between your intellect and intuition.

I work in Newcastle, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley ares of NSW, Australia, with pregnant women and their families who want to feel safe, confident and informed.

I also teach prenatal yoga and offer a 6 week program Yoga for Empowered Birth based on the philosophy of active birth, check out the events at my Facebook page for the next program and to register.

In my spare time, I love being outdoors with my family, reading, painting, camping, and learning new things!

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