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Photo of Lisa Cowdery

Lisa Cowdery

Trained Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator Mockingjay Midwifery
Service Area Offering childbirth education for midwifery clients. Red Deer Work Phone: (403) 479-3584 Website:


I am a Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator, a former Trained Birthing From Within doula and am currently completing my final transition into Registered Midwifery practice (Spring of 2020).

My professional birth philosophy acknowledges and upholds the human rights of women & birthing people to make autonomous, meaningful decisions about the circumstances in which they access care and give birth. I believe that optimal maternity care exists when birthing people have access to a full spectrum of choice and are unequivocally supported to navigate their pregnancies and births utilizing whatever modalities that are relevant to them, without being presented the burden of a one “right choice”. My personal midwifery practice has been strongly informed by the trainings I’ve taken with Birthing From Within. I practice right’s based, abortion positive, queer and trans-inclusive, trauma-informed midwifery that reflects a transfer of power back to the family while providing the support and skill necessary to walk with families through all outcomes and circumstances of birth.