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Erin Liber

Trained Birthing From Within Childbirth Educator & Doula Transition Doulas
Service Area Offering weekend intensive childbirth classes & birth doula services in Edmonton & surrounding area. Edmonton Work Phone: (780) 975-2477 Website:


As doulas, our intention is to provide non-judgmental and evidence-based support to help you to have the most empowered birthing experience possible. We know that birth is a mystery and we intend to help prepare you to harness that power, rather than fear it.

Every parent deserves the ability to fully understand their options and feel completely supported in whatever they choose. There is no right or wrong way to birth your baby. Whether your birth is vaginal, cesarean, medicated, unmedicated, home, or hospital, we support you in whatever path unfolds and help you feel empowered and informed.

We believe birth, in all its forms, is a sacred and transformative journey. Transitional support into parenthood is profoundly important. The birth of mothers and fathers is just as significant and beautiful as the birth of babies. A healthy baby is important but is not all that matters. The memory, experience, and feelings surrounding your birth sets the stage for your transition into parenthood.