Crossing the threshold: for midwives

Seventeen (17) hours of CEUs from Midwifery Accreditation Education Council (MEAC) approved for Crossing the Threshold and Introduction to Birthing from Within: Heart of Mentoring, which is included in your Crossing the Threshold weekend retreat purchase.

All Birthing From Within trainings and workshops are designed with birth workers of all types, experience levels, backgrounds, communities and identities in mind. We strive to create spaces in our trainings that are inclusive for all participants. The essential contents of all Crossing the Threshold retreats are standardized so that all participants across the country – and around the world – can have a common, shared experience. That said, Crossing the Threshold for Midwives offers something special.


Midwives are on the front lines of changing birth in our culture. Leaders in truly serving families who experience oppression and marginalization, with a focus on individualized and connected healthcare, and carrying forward traditional wisdom about the health of the whole person, whole family and whole community - midwives embody the intersection of ancient and modern knowing. Gathering together as midwives gives us the opportunity to deeply experience how BFW processes and philosophy can support us in this demanding and rewarding role.

Offering Crossing the Threshold retreats for midwives and midwifery students allows us to…

  • Hold space for the particular struggles midwives encounter and create a supportive community of others who understand these experiences.
  • Explore how BFW can positively impact clinical practice and our relationships with our clients while also nurturing us as midwives and as human beings.
  • Experience for ourselves the loving attention, space and nurturing we give so much of to our clients, thus reducing burnout and trauma.
  • Provide a rest from the weight of responsibility we carry as midwives, and reconnect us with the holistic, whole person perspective that called many of us to midwifery.

Midwives are of course welcome to join any of our Crossing the Threshold workshops and find learning and nourishment there. But this special offering, led by a facilitator who is a practicing midwife herself, was created especially for midwives and students who feel that they could benefit from learning in an environment shaped by the factors above.

Midwife Maeve Sundstrom with a client

This workshop is open to midwives of all types (CPM, LM, CNM, CM, TM, TBA) and all practice locations (home, birth center, hospital), as well as students and apprentices on any of these paths.

Email if you are interested in attending or hosting this retreat.