our signature retreat

Now Approved for 17 hours Midwifery Accreditation Education Council CEUs!

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our signature retreat

Now approved for  17 Continuing Education hours from the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council! 

fill your cup

reduce burnout

look within

Have you put your own needs on the back burner?

Do you dream of a less judgmental, less outcome-focused approach to birth?

Do you feel disconnected from your passion for birth work?

Crossing the Threshold, an unforgettable personal retreat, will inspire your practice as you nourish yourself with ceremony, connection, and self-inquiry.

In Crossing the Threshold you will:


within and unearth insights and self-compassion.


with yourself, a supportive community, and your work with parents.


your excitement and creativity in your personal and professional life.


your mind and heart with new ideas and perspectives about birth.

Step into a new and inspiring approach to modern birth.

Birthing From Within recognizes that birth work can be challenging, draining, and even frustrating. There may be a gap between why you chose this field, your passion for birth, and the reality of birth in our culture. Our remedy is Crossing the Threshold, a personal retreat where you’ll be guided in self-reflection, art, mindfulness, and ritual, and where you will hear a Great Story. You will emerge refreshed, inspired, and nourished.

Crossing the Threshold is for aspiring and experienced birth professionals who want to explore new perspectives and gain fresh insights about birth and their role as birth workers. Whether you’re an OB/GYN, midwife, nurse, doula, IBCLC, therapist, yoga teacher, parent support group leader, or massage therapist, this workshop will give you the compassionate salve that you need to reignite your love for birth work.

Crossing the Threshold is Birthing From Within's premiere signature retreat. It can be taken as a stand-alone enriching, nourishing, burnout-busting retreat, or as an element of Birthing From Within's Childbirth Educator and Doula Certification program, Birth as a Heroic Journey™.

Following the retreat, you will be enrolled in a four-module online course, Heart of Mentoring, where you will learn several of Birthing From Within’s most prized mentoring skills and process so that you can begin to bring this new perspective to the parents in your practice.

"Thresholds are universal, architectural symbols of transitions and transcendence. They also represent the separation of two worlds: the known and the unknown, the mundane and the sacred…. Standing before a threshold, you stand in the liminal, in-between place. You are between conditioned-knowing and soul-knowing. You are between clinging to the security of known comforts and stepping onto the swinging bridge over a chasm of fire that leads you to self-love."

NOW OFFERING a Crossing the Threshold retreat especially for midwives and midwifery students.

Save $197 when you bundle with our Birth as a Heroic Journey™ certification program!

It's your turn to receive.

  • 1 Find a date that works for you and register!
  • 2 Cross the Threshold and be forever changed.
  • 3 Return to your community inspired.


During the Covid-19 crisis and recovery, this in-person retreat will be offered virtually with the same heart, depth, ceremony, and connection as a live retreat. Crossing the Threshold is a personal retreat that can be experienced in a two-and-a-half day immersion, or a 5-week series. This deep dive into the soul of birth work is followed by the four-module online course, Heart of Mentoring. The cost of these two courses together is $597. We offer Early Bird specials and payment plan options. Scholarships are available for BIPOC, LGBTQ, and disabled individuals.

Since Crossing the Threshold is an element of the Childbirth Educator and Doula certification programs, you can save money by registering for both programs together as a bundle. The cost of a bundle of Crossing the Threshold and the Birth as a Heroic Journey certification course is $1197 - saving you $197!

What's your first step?

  • Are you looking for a refreshing retreat that will immerse you in the Birthing From Within philosophy? Register for a Crossing the Threshold retreat.
  • Are you looking to jump right into training as a doula or childbirth educator? Register for Birth as a Heroic Journey.
  • Are you wanting to train and get certified as a doula or childbirth educator and save money? Register for a bundle of a Crossing the Threshold retreat and Birth as a Heroic Journey.