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live workshop: crossing the threshold 

Crossing the Threshold Birthing From Within’s signature live retreat


Crossing The Threshold is for those who...

  • Hunger for a nourishing experience that will inspire and rejuvenate you on a personal and professional level.
  • Want to revive the "why" of your professional path.
  • Wish to return to our collective roots, to the lineage of those who followed the ancient ways of being with people during birth.
  • Dream of a less judgmental, less outcome-focused approach to birth, one that is open to all possibilities.
  • Know it's your turn to receive.

Our Crossing the Threshold retreat is designed as an experiential, introspective, paradigm-shifting, nourishing, heart-opening retreat. It’s an opportunity to step away from your life and into a place of opening, inquiry, and inspiration.

Birthing From Within sees a path from where you stand now to where you want to be as a birth professional. It starts by stepping through the gateway and crossing the threshold.

Step into a new and inspiring approach to modern birth.

Birthing From Within recognizes that birth work is challenging, draining, and sometimes even frustrating. There can be a gap between why you chose this field, your passion for birth, and the tools you need to navigate its realities. Birthing From Within believes that the missing link is the ancient maps of inner knowing and human truths about birth, and we want to bring these maps into your awareness.

Crossing the Threshold is an embodied workshop that encourages you to explore where you came from, where you are now, and where you are going in relation to birth in our culture. You'll be guided in art, mindfulness, and ritual; hear a Great Story; and emerge refreshed, inspired, and nourished.

Following the two-and-a-half day retreat, you will be enrolled in a four-module online course, Heart of Mentoring, where you will integrate what you experienced during the retreat, while learning several of Birthing From Within’s most prized mentoring skills so that you can begin bringing the Ancient Maps to your Modern Birth clients.

Birthing from within workshop

Are you ready to take the next step?

childbirth educator training

you will learn:

  • MODULE 1: What is Mentoring? Why Do We Use Storytelling?
  • MODULE 2: Birth as a Heroic Journey
  • MODULE 3: How to Use Solution-Focused Dialogue and Questioning to Motivate for Change (vs. Problem or Fear-based Discussions)
  • MODULE 4: Archetypes of Birth 101
  • Live Q&A calls that follow each module (all via Zoom and recorded for future listening).
  • Bonus: Book Of Maps - which contains specific tools to create 2-4 hour workshops for parents in your community. These tools will enable you to practice your mentoring skills, bring Birthing From Within gems to parents, and whet both your appetite and those of your clients for more of what Birthing From Within offers.

After participating in Crossing the Threshold and Heart of Mentoring, you will be ready to step into our childbirth educator and/or doula certification programs.

upcoming workshops

To see when you can step across the Threshold with us, please click the button below for our schedule of upcoming retreats and trainings.


"It was worth everything it took to get there. For those considering, I would say GO! Go when you are ready, go when you are afraid you are not ready. Go when you hear the call, however faint or far away or jumbled it may sound. It is calling you. Answer it. And that is all you must do. Just answer it and know that you will be held and, in your seeking, you may not find what you think you would or ought or should, but you will BE found, and this can only come after you take that step to walk into what is not known, but must be traveled all the same. GO! Go! Go!!"


"I am so glad and grateful that I am a part of such a soulful, spirited program. Birthing From Within encourages EVERYONE to get back to the roots of their spirit journey, not just of pregnancy and labor, but all aspects of one's journey through their lifetime."


"BFW has changed me!  I would never have imagined that the workshop would, or could, be so transformative. I cannot wait to continue on with further development of such vital skills. The objectives were clear and very well presented!  In the few days following the workshop, I have been able to apply many of the concepts to my birth-related work and my day-to-day relationships."


Birthing From Within workshops are designed for aspiring and experienced birth professionals who want to explore, inquire, and learn about themselves. Birth professionals who attend our workshops and trainings include, but are not limited to, OBGYNs, midwives, nurses, doulas, IBCLCs, therapists, massage therapists, midwifery/nursing professors, yoga teachers, and new parent support group leaders. Crossing the Threshold is Birthing From Within’s premier live retreat. It can be taken as a stand-alone enriching, nourishing, burnout-busting retreat, or as the gateway to Birthing From Within’s childbirth education and doula certification programs.


"Thresholds are universal, architectural symbols of transitions and transcendence. They also represent the separation of two worlds: the known and the unknown, the mundane and the sacred…. Standing before a threshold, you stand in the liminal, in-between place. You are between conditioned-knowing and soul-knowing. You are between clinging to the security of known comforts and stepping onto the swinging bridge over a chasm of fire that leads you to self-love."

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