Birthing from within for experienced professionals 

Experienced professionals pathway integrate our heart-centered philosophy into your birth work


This pathway is for those who work in the birth field and...

  • Love the books Birthing From Within and Ancient Map for Modern Birth.
  • See personal growth as key to working with expectant families in a profound way.
  • Want to better prepare their clients for the realities of birth in order to reduce trauma.
  • Seek to close the gap between what they've learned and what they see happening in birth.
  • Feel intrigued by Birthing From Within's philosophy and want to incorporate it into their established practice.

take your work as a birth professional to the next level...

For more than 20 years, Birthing From Within has been training birth professionals to prepare parents for birth in a way that awakens their inner knowing, is unattached to specific outcomes, and helps to prevent birth trauma. Our Experienced Professionals Pathway expands on the previous doula and/or childbirth education training you have received by providing you with a new paradigm, and guides you in how to incorporate the Birthing From Within philosophy and processes into your work.

The Experienced Professionals Pathway will lead you to certification as a Birthing From Within birth doula or childbirth educator. Instead of requiring you to take our birth doula or childbirth educator training, we provide the Experienced Professionals Pathway to accelerate your journey. After attending a live Crossing the Threshold retreat and completing the Heart of Mentoring online course, you will be equipped to incorporate Birthing From Within into your work and complete our certification process.

Not only will your clients be transformed, but you will also be transformed…and your work will contribute to transforming the narrative of birth in the modern world.

It all begins by Crossing the Threshold...

...into personal inquiry and transformation.

This two-and-a-half day in-person workshop immerses you in the ancient maps that can guide the modern birth experience and enable you to approach your work from a new perspective. Crossing the Threshold includes a subsequent four-week online course called the Heart of Mentoring, which will further introduce you to the Birthing From Within philosophy and approach. Together these serve as the foundation for the Experienced Professionals Pathway.

To join the program, start by submitting an application. Upon acceptance to the program, you will begin your journey by attending a Crossing the Threshold workshop, our unique in-person retreat.

Whether you are an experienced birth professional or just getting started, your first step into Birthing From Within's doula and childbirth educator certification programs is to attend Crossing the Threshold, our unique in-person retreat. 

path to certification

The first step in the certification process for experienced birth professionals is to attend a Crossing the Threshold retreat and complete the Heart of Mentoring online course. You will then design an independent project which will be approved, guided, and reviewed by one of Birthing From Within's facilitators. This customized project will demonstrate your proficiency in the Birthing From Within philosophy and will include personal goals, an outline for how you will incorporate it into your work, a timeline for completion, and additional courses that may be needed to understand our approach.  This process honors the uniqueness of your practice and clientele, as well as your various levels of experience.

The Experienced Professionals Pathway is ideal for those who have either completed previous Birthing From Within trainings and are not currently certified, or trained with another organization as a birth doula or childbirth educator. Through this pathway, you are able to become certified as a birth doula, childbirth educator, or both (which requires two projects), depending on your previous training and experience. The certification fee of $300 includes the cost of project approval, guidance, and review. Certifications require renewal every two years. Please request an application or email us if you need more information about Birthing From Within's Experienced Professionals Pathway to certification.

continuing ed for doulas and childbirth educators

you will gain:

  • An experience of a mentoring relationship.
  • An understanding of the ancient maps - the labyrinth, the heroic journey, and storytelling - to incorporate into your work with families.
  • Awareness of the archetypes of birth and how to be in relationship with them.
  • Exquisite communication and mentoring skills to deepen your relationships with your clients.
  • New tools for helping to prevent or reduce emotional birth trauma in parents and yourself.
  • Skills and processes that are solution-focused and motivate for change.

upcoming workshops

To view dates, location, and pricing for upcoming Crossing the Threshold workshops click on the button below. *Please note that you must submit an application for the Experienced Professionals Pathway before you can register for a workshop.


“The work of Birthing From Within has been transformative for me personally and professionally. Every relationship in my life is better for the work I have done here and the level of care I am able to offer my clients increased exponentially. Look no further, this is the organization that has the potential to develop you into a highly sought after childbirth educator, doula, or birth story listener.”


"I am so glad and grateful that I am a part of such a soulful, spirited program. Birthing From Within encourages EVERYONE to get back to the roots of their spirit journey, not just of pregnancy and labor, but all aspects of one's journey through their lifetime."


“BFW has not only taught me practical and effective skills to use with the parents I work with, they are also life skills for me to cope with every day life and a busy doula practice. Mindfulness practice and the Next Best Thing philosophy have become part of my way of seeing the world and ways I have learned to respond and cope. When I started this journey, I thought I was going to become a better birth worker. Little did I know I was also starting a life long practice of becoming a more fully integrated human too!”


"To give birth in awareness does not necessarily mean without drugs; it means to be open to each moment and do whatever needs to be done, wholeheartedly."