Information Frenzy and Awareness Moments

birth in awareness

Are you wondering what “birthing from within” means? Or what it means for a person to “give birth from within”? In a word: awareness. It would seem at first glance that a person who gathers lots of information during pregnancy is motivated and headed in the “right direction.” However, a more important detail of preparation…

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Nursing From Within: How BFW Supports My Work as a Nurse

labor and delivery nurse

Medical professionals have a way of speaking with authority. We are taught about building therapeutic patient relationships in school, but we have the habit of always speaking as though we are imparting our expert wisdom from on high. I never learned how to build really honest, supportive connections until I encountered Birthing From Within. As…

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Creation, Not Imitation

every block of stone has a statue inside it

Because the soul is progressive, it never quite repeats itself, but in every act attempts the production of a new and fairer whole. Thus, in our finer arts, not imitation, but creation is the aim.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1841 When a childbirth mentor is in the flow, it’s a beautiful thing to witness or to receive.…

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Why We Don’t Use Childbirth Education Handouts

childbirth education handouts

The topic of childbirth education handouts often comes up in online groups for birth professionals, and the Facebook group for Birthing From Within practitioners is no different. When the topic was raised again recently, BFW mentor and doula Megan Malone-Franklin had a fascinating response. Megan and her wife, BFW mentor and doula Marlee Malone-Franklin, don’t use childbirth education…

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Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

worry is the work of pregnancy

The reduction or even elimination of WORRY is often a main goal of expecting parents, and of the professionals who work with them. The positive intention behind this approach is obvious…but perhaps we ought to examine it a bit more closely. One of Pam England‘s important insights is that “Worry is the work of pregnancy.” In other…

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The Place of No Story: “My Birth” by Carmen Winant

carment winant my birth

They started popping up in New York City area birth workers’ Instagram feeds in the spring months of this year – cryptic images of a collection of birth photographs taped to a white wall with blue painter’s tape. Some of the images were zoomed in, showing just a few photos; others were zoomed out to…

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On Being Human in Birth

human birth

If there were an award for outstanding work in helping humans to be human, Birthing From Within would win hands down. So many childbirth classes work in black-and-white terms: proven ways to shorten your labor, or to birth with no pain, or even to enjoy orgasm as your baby emerges from your body. Such classes…

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