Birthing from Within and Midwives

birthing from within for midwives: image of closeup of two clasped hands

As a midwife, I feel lucky that my training included an extra special element from the very beginning. I had the good fortune to take a Birthing from Within class as a pregnant parent, just before starting midwifery training, and to begin my apprenticeship years in the homebirth practice of a certified BFW childbirth educator…

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5 Ways Birth Professionals Can Prepare Parents for Cesarean Birth

prepare for cesarean birth

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, a time when parents and birth professionals worldwide acknowledge those who have given birth by cesarean and create space to validate their experiences, while also challenging the system that has created a bloated cesarean birth rate.  As a birth professional and as a parent who has given birth by cesarean,…

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Touch From Within: Birthing From Within and Bodywork

bodywork and birthing from within

Join Jamie Mossay’s inspiring new workshop, Touch From Within! I am a bodyworker/massage therapist and educator. While I think I’m pretty good at the practical aspects of a bodywork session — do anything for a few decades and you probably get pretty good at it! — there’s something more to the work I do, something…

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The Power of Words in Birth Work

words for birth professionals

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! When we were children, this phrase was meant to comfort and strengthen us, to be a shield against bullies and meanness. And yet even then we knew that words had incredible power. They could make us feel pain, joy, sorrow, fear, and…

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Intentional Creativity and Birthing From Within

Intentional Creativity

One of the guiding principles of Birthing From Within is that the essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery, and that active, creative self-expression is critical to the birthing journey. The Birthing From Within mentor guides parents through self-discovery by listening to them mindfully, engaging them in solution-focused dialogue, and bringing their awareness to the stories…

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BFW Dictionary: Archetypes


There are so many words that are special to Birthing From Within, words that we use in very specific ways that are important and meaningful — but not always entirely self-explanatory. The purpose of the BFW Dictionary posts is to shine a clarifying light on the language used by BFW and its practitioners and to…

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Between the Shades of Gray in Childbirth Education

shades of gray in childbirth education

Childbirth educator Nicole Green remembers the first time she faced a class of pregnant parents preparing for birth. She recalls feeling pressure to “know all the answers,” since couples searched online, read reviews, and selected her to help them to learn what they needed to know to “get this right.” In the seeking stage, often…

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Monthly Letter || Birthing From Within and Midwives: The Place of Non-Judgement

Birthing From Within and Midwives

Every month, Birthing From Within sends a letter to our membership and the public, containing our reflections on happenings in birth, in the world at large, and in our organization. See a collection of our monthly letters on the blog here; sign up to receive our newsletters directly in your inbox. Dear Friends, National Midwifery Week falls at the…

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