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ARE YOU needing guidance WITH A BIRTH STORY?

Book a Private Birth Story Session

with Pam England

Your Birth Story Listening session provides refuge during a guided personal-growth process that will bring insight, resolution, and healing. When there is a need to understand what may have happened in the body, birth place, or management of the birth, Pam draws on her background as a nurse-midwife to help bring you new insights.

Pam offers private, individual, and confidential one-hour sessions to parents and birth professionals. She recommends individual birth story sessions rather than sessions for couples because, although they were in the same room, their experiences of the labor/birth likely differ. Each storyteller needs different medicine.

Sessions can be held via Skype, phone, or in-person in Albuquerque, where Pam resides.

The fee is on a sliding scale from $60 to $110.

You may call Pam directly to inquire about a session at (505) 377-8282.


Pam England

Founder of Birthing From Within and Creator of the Birth Story Listening Process

I became interested in the birth story healing process after my difficult first labor and unwished-for cesarean surgery. I could not find a counselor or birth story listener who could help me resolve birth shock, despair, and shame, and find answers to my deepest questions. So, I began a search for my own answers, a journey that took eight years - largely because I did not have a "map" or a guide.

I earned a Masters Degree in Psychology/Counseling, studied with brilliant teachers and authors in the U.S. and abroad, and took up meditation. For the past two decades, I have been dedicated to helping others heal their emotional birth trauma, and to showing birth story listeners, birth professionals, and counselors a compassionate and creative path from “here” to healing.

Pam England, Co-Owner Birthing from Within
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