Black Lives Matter


Birthing From Within extends our deepest condolences to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and all of the other far-too-many victims of state-sanctioned racist violence. We are aware that there is nothing new about this phenomenon: indeed, state-sanctioned, white-supremacist violence played an integral part in the founding of the United States, and has continued uninterrupted since then, a daily fact of life for generations of Black Americans. Birthing From Within stands in solidarity with the individuals and organizations who are taking action to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from this violence.

We recognize that the same violence manifests itself in birth. Therefore, as a historically majority-white birth organization, we are working to decolonize ourselves and our work, and to create an equitable, inclusive, and diverse organization that truly serves the needs of all birth workers and all birthing people.

Learn more about our equity work and programs here.

The following links lay out various avenues of taking action against white supremacist violence, from educating yourself to making donations to contacting public officials.

Crack Magazine, “How to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement: Funds and Organizations Who Need Your Help”

The Cut, “How to Support the Struggle Against Police Brutality”

The Oprah Magazine, “16 Ways You Can Help Demand Justice for George Floyd Right Now”

Teen Vogue, “11 Things You Can Do to Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence”

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Birthing From Within is blessed to have a team of bloggers that includes childbirth educators, doulas, and birth story listeners who, in addition to being deep thinkers and skilled writers, are dedicated to the amplification of the BFW mission and philosophy. Birthing From Within is a collective creation, always evolving to reflect the new layers of understanding and unique approaches to the childbirth experience. Our goal is to change the conversation about birth in our culture, and to uphold the possibility of growth and transformation for birth professionals and birthing people.

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