Birthing From Within Inclusivity Scholarship Application Form (see form below)

Welcome to the Birthing From Within Inclusivity Scholarship Application process! Thank you for your desire to serve childbearing families in your community.

BFW recognizes that historical systems of oppression have resulted in many people being marginalized from access to optimal maternity care and support, resulting in tremendous disparities in healthcare outcomes. BFW believes that part of the medicine for changing those systems of oppression is investing in those who are best positioned - often people from within these communities themselves - to improve the culturally-relevant medical and emotional care provided to those whose lives are unfairly jeopardized due to past and present inequities.  Thus, Birthing From Within offers partial scholarships for birth professionals from traditionally underserved communities, including those who are black, indigenous, people of color, disabled, and LGBTQ+.

Scholarships are non-cash awards offered to people who are dedicated to serving underserved populations with transformative preparation, support, and healing practices. Scholarships are granted to those who demonstrate the ability to address racial and social justice in their work as a mentor and/or doula, and those with the greatest need for financial assistance. Scholarships cover part of the Workshop Fees only (they do not cover books, materials, lodging, meals, or transportation, which must be covered by the participant). These are not Work-Study scholarships. The scholarship is a gift to you. We only ask that you receive it with great appreciation and an expectation to give back in equal gratitude to underserved communities.

Applications should ideally be submitted at least four weeks before the start of the workshop you’d like to attend. Scholarships are limited for each workshop or training. The sooner you submit your application, the greater your chance to receive a scholarship for the session you’d like to attend. Please be prepared to attend the training you are applying for (you are available for all class dates, childcare and/or transportation is arranged, and you are able to pay the balance of the workshop fee after the scholarship amount has been applied).  

Applying for a scholarship that you cannot accept may prevent another student from attending, so please have arrangements figured out BEFORE you apply.

Applications will be reviewed approximately four weeks before a workshop begins and applicants will be notified within one week. Late applications will be accepted and awarded on a space-available basis. Late applicants may have to wait for a future workshop if all scholarships have been awarded. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.