Information Frenzy and Awareness Moments

birth in awareness

Are you wondering what “birthing from within” means? Or what it means for a person to “give birth from within”? In a word: awareness. It would seem at first glance that a person who gathers lots of information during pregnancy is motivated and headed in the “right direction.” However, a more important detail of preparation…

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What about Cesarean Birth?: A BFW Perspective

cesarean birth

This piece on cesarean birth is a modified excerpt from Ancient Map for Modern Birth by Pam England. To read more (and see the full list of citations), buy your copy here. Many pregnant people know and accept that cesarean birth may become necessary and do not resist learning more about it or considering the possibility, even…

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A Doula’s Gift

knitting and holding space

Once, there was a hospital midwife in Albuquerque who earned a favorable reputation among parents for her unusual form of labor support: she sat in the corner of the room and knitted. Initially, I anticipated mothers would feel the knitting-midwife was not really present to them, but, in fact, every mother I spoke with said…

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Creation, Not Imitation

every block of stone has a statue inside it

Because the soul is progressive, it never quite repeats itself, but in every act attempts the production of a new and fairer whole. Thus, in our finer arts, not imitation, but creation is the aim.  – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1841 When a childbirth mentor is in the flow, it’s a beautiful thing to witness or to receive.…

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Worry is the Work of Pregnancy

worry is the work of pregnancy

The reduction or even elimination of WORRY is often a main goal of expecting parents, and of the professionals who work with them. The positive intention behind this approach is obvious…but perhaps we ought to examine it a bit more closely. One of Pam England‘s important insights is that “Worry is the work of pregnancy.” In other…

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Pam England’s Story

birthing from within trainings

Birthing From Within® was conceived and developed by Pam England, MA, CNM, homebirth midwife and mother, who, inspired by her own birth experiences, developed this innovative, holistic approach to childbirth and postpartum preparation. When Pam became pregnant for the first time in 1982, she believed that her plan to birth at home was ensured because…

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