The Power of Words in Birth Work

words for birth professionals

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! When we were children, this phrase was meant to comfort and strengthen us, to be a shield against bullies and meanness. And yet even then we knew that words had incredible power. They could make us feel pain, joy, sorrow, fear, and…

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Monthly Letter || Pride Month: Wider Possibilities

Pride Month

Every month, Birthing From Within sends a letter to our membership and the public, containing our reflections on happenings in birth, in the world at large, and in our organization. See a collection of our monthly letters on the blog here; sign up to receive our newsletters directly in your inbox. The United States – and the world –…

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Exploring Birth through Collage: A Prenatal Birth Art Project

birth art collage

Human beings are steeped in symbolism, from the signs that direct us where to go, to pictures and songs that trigger special memories, to advertising that is designed to evoke an emotional response. Many times the way symbols and metaphor intersect with us is completely unconscious, and our reactions our reflexive: without knowing where the…

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How to Use Childbirth Education Handouts Thoughtfully

childbirth education handouts

One of the wonderful things about practicing Birthing From Within is that while we all work from the same core ideas and experiences, no two mentors are exactly the same. About six months ago, BFW mentor Megan Malone-Franklin wrote a wonderful piece for this blog about why she and her wife don’t use handouts in…

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